Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The History and Evolution of SEO

SEO stands for Search engine optimization. Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing web pages or whole websites to make them more friendly and relevant. search engine optimization is a backside process. seo performs several activities such as Crawling, Catching, Indexing. Googlebot is google's web crawling bot. crawling is the process by which document scanning and updated pages to be added to the google index. indexing is the process of adding web pages into google search listing depend upon which meta tag you used (index or no index) google will crawl and index your pages.

Evolution Of Search Engine Optimization

The Evolution of SEO is webmaster tools awareness and spamming, google changes this mechanisms are content spamming or it's called as niche specific and keyword stuffing. keyword stuffing is the no of occurrence of keywords in content. Again google changes this mechanism that is Link specific. google allowed some guidelines to follow terms and conditions. it is defined that page rank is based on the no of links get a website. So people began to buy links from other websites. This will be a big threat to google. Then google introduces another mechanism Quality Link Specific, here google count the quality links. While a website gave the link to another page, Its rank should be decreased automatically. this is Passing Link Juice. In 2003, google developed Adsense program. It allows a website to host advertisement by clicking an advertisement google get profit it is called Cost Per Click. Adsense is google most powerful program.

Google makes user interaction more easily. They introduce suggestions in keywords.Depending upon the user response google demotivating the ranking of websites.if a user leaves a website from the entrance page without interacting with page. google notice it and calculate the Bounce Rate (percentage of single stage session). when a user searches for a keyword and clicks on a result, within seconds user leaves from the page and click on another result that is Pogo sticking. If a lot of Pogo sticking happens a website, google will notice and they will penalize the page. Revisit and Regular visit are main factors improving Page Ranking. In 2010, google introduces social media authority like facebook, twitter, orkut signals part of the google ranking algorithms. After 2010, google makes a web spam team. In 2010 spamming Mattcutts makes strong updation and familar.

Google Algorithms Updates History

Algorithms Updation

1.Panda Update
In 2011, google creates some update in an algorithm. first update name is Google Panda. It against content spamming. Google panda stops the poor quality websites and vanishes from its top position. Fewer quality contents, Spelling mistakes, Grammatical mistakes, Copy & paste contents, Keyword stuffing are examples of content spamming. So many panda versions are there. In 2014, panda 4.0 is introduced by google. Here google added panda update as a permanent filter.

2.Penguin  Update
Google launched the Penguin update in April 2012. Here google catch the sites, which buy links for boost google rankings. Main link spamming are Link exchanging, Paid link policy like Selling/ Buying links, Link spamming,Link farming affiliate websites, Automate link creation, Wiki spamming, content spamming, Guest blogging, Directory submission....etc.

3.Humming Bird Update
In 2013, google announced another update that is Hummingbird update. Google hummingbird search is Question-based, Conversational, Semantic search....etc. It has updated the page rank algorithm, it uses the intelligent ranking of web pages. Rank brain is advanced version in Artficial Intelligence.

4.Pigeon Update
Google introduced another algorithm update on July 24, 2014, named as Pigeon update. It makes google More user-friendly, Main advantages of this updated are relevant and accurate local search results are provided by Google.

5.Mobilegeddon updates
On April 21, 2015, google released the latest algorithm named Mobilegeddon update. It is a new mobile-friendly ranking algorithm that gives web pages in google mobile search. So all web developer improves the mobile friendliness of web pages.


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