Wednesday, February 15, 2017

On Page SEO Optimization

On Page Optimization

On Page optimization is one of the very first step of seo which every webmaster should look into. Our websites should be colorful and attractive to the users. Websites design and Layout gives the first impression to the users. Keyword optimization is another important fact in SEO. The keyword is a string used to search a user in a Search Engine. Give suitable keywords for the websites.


When a user search for a particular keyword google displays some suitable results these results are known as SNIPPETS. A snippet mainly consists of the page title, page URL, Meta tags and date. The page title is most important part of websites; it should be simple and unique. There are 3 or more words in a page title. Generally, capital letters are not used. Title characters should be 55 to 60 , 71 google search characters. Pixel width is 512 and expressive title. don't use same Title , Grammtical mistakes, Focusing keywords .

Meta Tag

A Meta tag is a brief description of the content. It does not appear on the page, but it will display the HTML code.Its length should be in between 155 to 160 characters in web pages and 155 in posts. In 2014 updation blog post date also included in web page , its pixel width is 1024. we can see webmaster tool inside html suggestion dashboards.robots.txt is the robot meta tag on page optimize in no index,no follow , it does not crawl.

Snippet Area

A Better website provides quality information.  Contents should be simple, easy to understand and do not move from the topic always focus on the topic. Unique and fresh information are included in the pages. It became the website more popularity.

Image Optimization

If your site have lot of images, you need to optimize them too as they can't be read by the search engines.

  • Alt text : ALT text or Alternate Text is the text to describe your image when your mouse moves over an image on your web page. The text should be meaningful but short. You can use your relevant keywords as ALT text. If your browser can’t display the image for some reason, the alt text is used in place of that particular image.
  • File name : always use meaningful file name for your images, use names like “apple-iphone-cover.jpg” instead of meaningless “DSC24045.jpg”. Keep image file name same or similar to the ALT text.
  • Image Title : always use the title tag in images which will show the title as tool tip when a user moves his mouse over the image. Example of an image with title tag: [img src=”http://imagelocation.jpg” alt=”Image description” title=”Title of the Image”]
  • Image Linking : Whenever you want to link to your image, use the image keywords in your link text. Example: use “view an Apple iPhone”, instead of “Click here to view” as the anchor text.

Heading tags

Heading tags are used in an appropriative way. There are mainly six sizes of heading tags are there. Main heading is <h1> and the least one is <h6>. heading tags provide a basic structure to websites. We should aware about “nofollow” links. If set a link rel=”nofollow” it means that your site should not pass the equity. <h1> tag is body section to be visible and it contains  maximum  8,9 words meaningful.

Keyword Optimization

Potential Keywords are 2 or 3 words, business relevant keyword and patent trade mark, service mark also checking for logo company. Your site's content needs to be optimized in such a way that it can suit both search engines & your readers. Stuffing Your site with too many keywords can make your site unreadable. so you will need to have some sort of balance between your keywords & your content. 
  • Research : Keyword research terms is relevant keyword, select any particular keyword it should be logic way of thiking. some of personal favorites are : SEObook Keyword Suggestion Tool, Google Adwords  Keyword Tool & Overture Keyword Tool.                                                
  • Keyword Density : Minimum 4 to 5 %, for example 100 words in content 5 % keyword density , if you use more keywords listing will be less .googlebot's  helps useful for users and grey color also useful for focusing keywords.if you use comma, full stop before space give on focusing keywords content inside.

Content Optimization 

If you write keywords first and second sentences for good in content.content volume/quantity natural content keyword . h1, h2 more useful and natural content keyword.  if you write bold on  keywords in sentences , you will get ease on focusing keywords. 


Editorial Authorship optimization increase while post website via google plus. Google Authorship is simply the linking of your Google+ profile to the content you publish online. Things like rel=author and rel=me are microformats that may be used by other services.


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